Hampton Photos Arts Hosts ‘The Thank You Art Show’

Hampton Photos Arts Hosts ‘The Thank You Art Show’
By Eileen Casey

Thank You Art Show by Hampton Photo ArtsEast Hampton - The “Thank You Art Show” held this past weekend at Ashawagh Hall in East Hampton was an opportunity for Hampton Photos Arts (located in Bridgehampton) to acknowledge and thank the artists who have used their services throughout the year, and who are loyal customers to the business that can be an artist’s best friend.

Owner of Hampton Photo Arts David McHugh, along with his son Ben McHugh, coordinated the exhibition, which featured one piece each from approximately 100 artists who have not only relied on the myriad of materials an artist may require such as stretchers, film, paintbrushes, portfolios, computer imagery, and frames available at Hampton Photo Arts, but the skills and experience both David and Ben have rendered to artists who work in the photographic/digital medium in particular.

Well known as a printing resource for conventional film and digital prints, Ben handles much of the framing requirements, and has been known to make himself available to assist artists in their sometimes ‘offbeat’ requirements, and certainly when the pressure is on for upcoming shows.

Both David and Ben are the perfect blend of good businessmen with an artist’s mentality, and the numerous artists they work with count on that sensibility to assist them in presenting work at its best.

According to Ben “We felt that this was an interesting and creative way to show our customers how much we appreciate their business, especially this year with this economy.” Ben, an artist himself, mentioned that he did not exhibit any work in the show because “We had so many artists that wanted to participate that we had to turn some away, and I didn’t think it was fair to take up any wall space with my work as this show is for the artists who frequent our business.” Ben may not have had any work on the walls but he certainly does exhibit a connection and understanding of the sometimes difficult path being an artist can mean.

David was seen carrying an enormous camera and moving about the crowd creating his own art - photographs. In business for 21 years, David has used the windows at his location to also exhibit works by local artists - yet another avenue this friendly, and intuitive businessman offers his customers.

The group exhibition was held at Ashawagh Hall on Saturday and Sunday, and was filled to capacity with not only interesting and beautiful works of art, representing black/white and color photographs, sculpture, oil paintings, digital work, mixed media - even a film was played - but also with artists who were happy to be included, and who were happy to be part of an event that gave many the opportunity to meet for the first time.

Some of the participating artists were Aubrey Grainger, Joe Strand, Ruby Jackson, Terry Elkins, Scott Hewett, Peter Waldner, Joe Chierchio, Oliver Peterson, Molly Weiss, Gary Lovelace, Grant Haffner, Bethaney Peters, Joan Tripp, and many, many more. Catering was by Damn Good Cooking, and floral arrangements by Sag Harbor Florist. A raffle was held, postcards, jewelry and prints were available for purchase, and the musical entertainment was provided by exhibiting artist Wiliam Falkenburg.

This was a fun filled evening provided by a local business whose clever acknowledgement of their customers certainly deserves a big “Thank You Too.”

Hampton Photo Arts is located at 70 Bridgehampton Commons in Bridgehampton at 631-537-7373, or www.hamptonphotoarts.com



HPA Southampton NY. Photo, Art and Framing


HPA Southampton NY. Photo, Art and Framing

Hampton Photo, Art and Framing Bridgehampton, New York

Hampton Photo, Art and Framing Bridgehampton, New York

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