Francesca “Franki” Mancinelli
“There is a notion existing among many in modern times that our average, everyday lives are boring: not containing much to be desired. Due to the rapid increase in social media use, images and content are being shared more rapidly than ever, which allows for constant analysis of how our lives compare to those of others. This endless comparison causes many of us to see the extravagancies of another person’s life and allow it to point out the shortcomings of our own.” – Franki Mancinelli

Francesca “Franki” Mancinelli work focuses on capturing simple moments that may otherwise go unnoticed. Purposefully composing images from fleeting moments, Mancinelli emphasizes both lines and textures to create a record of contemporary life that art that can be considered both conceptual and abstract

Mancinelli’s photography will be included in the exhibition “An UnCommon Art Show” presented at Ashawagh Hall in East Hampton on November 11 and 12, 2016. Franki Mancinelli is organizing and curating the weekend-only exhibition on behalf of Hampton Photo Arts, which is sponsoring the Open Call art show.

“My work challenges the notion that everyday mundanity is meaningless and void of significance,” she wrote in an email about her art. “I challenge this idea by photographing small moments in my life that at first glance may seem overly ordinary and boring, but upon close examination, reveal the beauty and power that exists in these moments that are often overlooked.”

A recent graduate with a BFA in Photography, “An UnCommon Art Show” is allowing Mancinelli to synch her art with her newly-adopted community of The Hamptons while connecting with artists of the area. Mancinelli recently moved to the East End after living in the New Palz, N.Y. area for the first 22 years of her life, she said. The theme of the show—which seeks work that may push the notion of what fine art is and traditional material choices—is one that directly appeals to Mancinelli.

“Having an opportunity to put my work into a show that has a theme so closely in-line with my own artistic practice was an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up,” Mancinelli wrote in an email. “The show is giving me the opportunity to show my work to a new audience and get myself involved in the art scene of my new home.”

Most of her photographs are composed with a single subject manner in a simple compositional arrangement.

“I like to think of my art as unapologetically minimalistic,” she said. “My work purposely takes that overtly ordinary subject matter and presents it to the viewer for what it is at face value. The human tendency to search for life’s perfect moments often distracts from the beauty that exists in our lives when we’re too busy searching for ‘more.’ My work exposes those beauties that are all around us yet constantly overlooked, challenging the viewer to reconsider the way they view their own everyday life.”

Mancinelli has selected photographs from two of her most recent bodies of work to exhibit in “An UnCommon Art Show.” Made within the last two years, the works encapsulate the philosophies that drive her art and her art making.

“The images are snapshot moments that occurs in fractions of a second but will likely never occur in this exact same form again,” she said. “I feel that a lot of modern photographers go out to shoot seeking to find something extraordinary. My work is not ‘seeking’ anything. Rather, my work focuses on what is already there and existing right in front of my eyes at any given moment, freezing it in time as a moment to be remembered and embraced.”

As curator and organizer of “An UnCommon Art Show,” she’s looking forward to considering all the art submitting to the Open Call exhibition and having the show portray a wide range of the forms fine art can take. “An UnCommon Art Show” is designed to both attract artists from the East End and artists who are working with unusual materials, an unusual process or creating art that may push boundaries. Artist application to the open call show will be accepted through Friday, November 11, 2016 at Hampton Photo Art & Framing, who is sponsoring the exhibition.

“I’m very excited for this show and about all of the works being exhibited by myself and the other artists participating,” said Mancinelli. “I think many people have a strong idea in their head of what art ‘is’, and what rules art needs to follow in order to be considered ‘good.’ All of the artists we have so far are pushing those boundaries and challenging these notions, which I think is a beautiful thing. These artists are creating work that is extremely unique and contemporary, which proves that there is no one definition of what can be considered art.

Franki Mancinelli’s art has been exhibited at galleries in New York. To see more of her fine art

photography, visit

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HPA Southampton NY. Photo, Art and Framing


HPA Southampton NY. Photo, Art and Framing

Hampton Photo, Art and Framing Bridgehampton, New York

Hampton Photo, Art and Framing Bridgehampton, New York

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