Claudia Patino
Claudia was born in Colombia, South America where she lived all of her childhood. She grew up in a small town outside of Cali, Colombia and starting drawing when she was 5 years old with colors that her friends gave to her.  She came from a very poor family and even Crayons were a luxury. Everyone kept telling her mother how talented she was. When she was 8 years old Claudia won a painting competition through a famous painter in Colombia whose name is Raul Rayon. Unfortunately her family was too poor to be able to help her with painting supplies so art was a silent passion for many years and doodling on notebooks in school was where she developed a lot of her fluid skills.

Claudia moved to the United States when she was 18 years old with a very different perspective on how to go about living her life. She came to work and struggled to survive as an immigrant in this country with no family and very little English at the time but started going to school so she could do something for herself.
Claudia met her partner and moved to Florida for several years where she completed her Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology but continued to paint on the side, giving away her paintings to all of her friends who commented on how unique they thought her style was.
Through her interest in Scuba Diving and her studies of Marine Mammals Claudia became an avid enthusiast in Underwater Photography and also became very creative with Stone and Garden work, painting on any piece of wood or slate that she could get a hold of. Some of her best pieces have been on large concrete slabs which are now scattered about numerous homes in South Florida.

"Lady Sleeping" by Claudia Patino
Claudia honestly is raw and has an innate talent in capturing emotions and tends to paint with vivid moving colors or black and white photography. This is an artist that truly loves to paint what it is in her mind. She tends to paint very abstract yet fluid paintings with very rich deep colors.

She recently moved to Sag Harbor and is in awe with all of the natural beauty there. Paintings just seem to spill out of her very inspired mind.

Encaustic Art
Encaustic painting, also known as hot wax painting, involves using heated beeswax to which resins and colored pigments are added. This results in a paste like meduim which is applied to a surface such as prepared wood or canvas.
Using Color to Express Your Creativity
Colors have an amazing impact on our lives. From the red of our stop signs and traffic lights, to the ever important green of a dollar bill, color is integrated into every facet of our daily adventures. No where is this more clear, than in our art and in our artistic creativity.
How to make your own oil paints
How to make your own oil paintsOil paints are made basically by mixing cold-pressed Linsed oil with pigment or color until a smooth buttery paint is produced. When the oil paint is used and applied to a surface the oil oxidizes or absorbs air and then forms a solid film that binds the pigment to the surface of the painting.
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