Long Island Artists
Robert Gwathmey

Born in Richmond, Gwathmey personally experienced the challenges faced by the working class at a formative age. His father, a railroad engineer, died in a terrible train accident before Gwathmey's birth, leaving his mother and later her children to work in low-paying jobs to make ends meet. The children held part-time jobs around their schoolwork and Gwathmey once reported that he recognized the social inequalities in his community at an early age.

Oddly enough, he developed a greater interest in art while working on a freighter during the 1920s. He drew to fill up his free time, often sketching other crew members, and when the ship stopped at European ports, he began to visit museums and galleries. When, at 22, he returned to the United States, he enrolled at the Maryland Institute of Design in Baltimore and later at the prestigious Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia.

Gina Knee
Gina Knee was born on Oct 31, 1898 to a prevalent family in Marietta, OH. Knee was raised in the mindset of the most affluent families at this time, where one was to place the family and social obligations above the search for self-identity and happiness. Painting and visual arts were a part of her life at a young age. Sharon Udall, her biographer, recalls Virginia’s statement: “As a child and into my teens, I always painted something-- from paper dolls to attempts at pictures of my friends or family.” As most society women raised during the 1910s, Virginia was brought up in preparation for her arranged marriage that was set in motion at an early age. Consequently, she married Goodlow Macdowell and spent ten years focusing her life around him. They went to parties, polo games and all other sophisticated activities a proper married couple at this time were supposed to participate in.
William de Kooning
In 1926 de Kooning entered the United States as a stowaway on a British freighter, the SS Shelly, to Newport, Virginia. He then went by ship to Boston, and took a train from Boston to Rhode Island, and eventually settled in Hoboken, New Jersey, where he supported himself as a house painter. In 1927 he moved to a studio in Manhattan and came under the influence of the artist, connoisseur, and art critic John D. Graham and the painter Arshile Gorky. Gorky became one of de Kooning's closest friends.
Chuck Close
Chuck Close has developed a strategy for mapping the world in a system of visual metaphors. His paintings, photographs, and prints mark an intersection between representation and abstraction that is simultaneously of the moment and timeless. Close makes his paintings through a rigorous process of creating and editing a series of abstract marks that coalesce into a coherent representational image. He has often described his artistic methodology as a series of corrections, sometimes evoking the metaphor of a golf game, in which players move from the general to the specific, starting with the biggest, broadest stroke and refining their activities incrementally until they reach the ultimate goal. That metaphor grew out of Close's engagement with the art of printmaking, and it reinforces how he builds his images layer by layer. The imposed order and extremely precise practices inherent in traditional printmaking allow him to translate the language of paintings into another idiom, with shades and nuances conveyed through an entirely different set of notations.[l] Early in life Close developed systems to help him with his difficulties memorizing school lessons. Similar processes of systematization, developed and reinforced through his love of printmaking, have become the basis of his studio practice. "Virtually everything that has happened in my unique work," he asserts, "can be traced back to the prints."
Andrea Cote
Andrea Cote is a multi-disciplinary visual artist and dancer living in Flanders, New York. She received her MFA in Sculpture from SUNY Purchase in the Spring of 2003. She has presented solo and collaborative installations and performances in Seattle, Miami, Philadelphia, and New York. Venues include The Rotunda Gallery, Henry Street Abrons Arts Center, Jack the Pelican Presents, and The Rochester Contemporary(New York), Art Center South Florida, The Dorsch Gallery, and -scopeMiami (Miami), The Moore Gallery and The Print Center (Philadelphia), and 911 Media Arts Center (Seattle). Her performances have been presented at The Philadelphia Fringe Festival, The Neuberger Museum, Chashama, -scope Art Fairs, , and The DUMBO Arts Festival. Andrea received a video residency in multimedia through the BCAT/ Rotunda Gallery program in 2005 and is currently a Fellow of the Career Development Program at the Center For Emerging Artists .
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Making Encaustic Medium
I fell in love with encaustic paintings the first time I saw one hanging. There was just something about the work... The luminosity, the transparency, the brilliance. It was unlike anything that I had ever seen before. I knew I had to try it and once I did, I was hooked.
Introduction to Color Theory
Color is a very broad topic. Entire books have been written on color and it would be quite difficult to cover every aspect of it within the confines of this article. My hopes with this introduction to color theory is to peek your interest and hopefully cause you to study this topic further on your own. Understanding color theory is perhaps one of the most important aspects of becoming a good painter. When you understand the elements of color and how colors interact with one another, you have unlocked one of the biggest puzzles of painting
How to make your own oil paints
How to make your own oil paintsOil paints are made basically by mixing cold-pressed Linsed oil with pigment or color until a smooth buttery paint is produced. When the oil paint is used and applied to a surface the oil oxidizes or absorbs air and then forms a solid film that binds the pigment to the surface of the painting.
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