Long Island Artists
Janet Culbertson
My first New York City exhibit was called "Elegy to Nature". Since then I have been painting and drawing the many diverse aspects of the landscape. I am fascinated by our complex love yet exploitation of nature. For me painting is an affirmation of my concern and sense of awe for my subject, the natural world and its creatures.
Michael Perez
Michael Perez, has quickly become one of the hottest Modern Pop artists today. Always on the cutting edge, his art is extremely dynamic and is distinguished by his use of contrasting colors and shapes. His innovative artwork is most immediately recognized by his distinctive unique faces, flowers and figures.
Gideon Stein
In utero, Gideon Stein was doing amazing artwork, and hearing incredible sounds coming from the world outside. Born in 1970 in NYC, he has devoted his life to producing a body of art and music. One of his early mentors was Sheila Lamb, who led the art department at the Dalton School. In 1977 his work was included in a Dalton student art show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Scott Hewett
Scott Hewett was born in Bradford, Massachusetts, a small town near the New Hampshire border. There, he attended Haverhill Highschool. Under the instruction of Susan Paradis, art teacher and childrens book illustrator, he received several art awards and realized that art would be his life-long passion. While attending Massachusetts College of Art, he won several awards including the Tom OHara Award for Illustration. He received a BFA, with honors in 1988.
Olive Reich

Olive Reich has for many years studied the intricate colors, shapes and patterns of nature.  Olive has etched out her own intriguing style.  As for her illusive media, she says, “The beauty of transparent watercolors is that you can play with areas, designing them and letting the glow move through your painting.”  Olive has numerous awards to her credit.  As Robert Henri stated, “Each man must take the material he finds at hand,...and then express in his art whatever is the cause of his pleasure.”  Olive’s hope is that the cause of her pleasure is expressed through her work, and in turn conveyed to the viewer who can momentarily be transformed in some significant way.  What more beautiful gift than to participate in a artist’s vision.

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Making Encaustic Medium
I fell in love with encaustic paintings the first time I saw one hanging. There was just something about the work... The luminosity, the transparency, the brilliance. It was unlike anything that I had ever seen before. I knew I had to try it and once I did, I was hooked.
Using Color to Express Your Creativity
Colors have an amazing impact on our lives. From the red of our stop signs and traffic lights, to the ever important green of a dollar bill, color is integrated into every facet of our daily adventures. No where is this more clear, than in our art and in our artistic creativity.
How to make your own oil paints
How to make your own oil paintsOil paints are made basically by mixing cold-pressed Linsed oil with pigment or color until a smooth buttery paint is produced. When the oil paint is used and applied to a surface the oil oxidizes or absorbs air and then forms a solid film that binds the pigment to the surface of the painting.
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