Drawing and Sketching Information

Shading is an important skill for every artist to develop. Shading requires certain tools and steps to be developed in order to master.

The ability to shade is determined on how well you can see value relationships, along with a basic understanding of how light works. Value, or how light or dark something is, is relative.

Hatching and Cross-hatching
Hatching and Cross-hatchingHatching is a shading method where lines are in a series of either parallel or radiating. Hatching is making a set of close parallel lines. When hatching, an artist’s pencil moves in a rhythmic manner to get the lines evenly spaced, gradually making the lines longer and then shorter in length. Hatching is a skill that requires a lot of practice and still can be difficult in certain situations, even for the skilled artist.
Proportions and Measuring
Proportion is a word often associated with another word for artists, stress. But I'am here to share with you that it doesn’t have to be a stressful word.

Drawing and Sketching InformationThe Block-In in figure drawing acts as an organizational blue print or tool for the artist. The Block-In organizes the drawing and gives the form guidelines for the artist

So what is the Block-In method and the benefits of learning this technique? In simple terms, the Block-In is a simplified 2D drawing of the 3D person or subject you are drawing. The block in is designed in observation to the model. This will help your drawing become more realistic and help your drawing come alive! It will help you begin to see the model correctly and help you avoid mistakes that may occur without the use of the block in. By practicing the block-in, you’ll be able to master the human form with more of a likeness and having it come alive in your drawings.


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Encaustic Art
Encaustic painting, also known as hot wax painting, involves using heated beeswax to which resins and colored pigments are added. This results in a paste like meduim which is applied to a surface such as prepared wood or canvas.
Using Color to Express Your Creativity
Colors have an amazing impact on our lives. From the red of our stop signs and traffic lights, to the ever important green of a dollar bill, color is integrated into every facet of our daily adventures. No where is this more clear, than in our art and in our artistic creativity.
How to make your own oil paints
How to make your own oil paintsOil paints are made basically by mixing cold-pressed Linsed oil with pigment or color until a smooth buttery paint is produced. When the oil paint is used and applied to a surface the oil oxidizes or absorbs air and then forms a solid film that binds the pigment to the surface of the painting.
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